Tuesday, March 30, 2010


wow how this blog has changed. started with making fun of ravers and spewing nonsense about beanpoutine board meetings n shit. to me actuyally talking about my life. how self absorbed you are, fucking douchebag.

tomorrow. my day:

6 am. wake up. feed cat, brush teeth. cry. cry. bike bike to
7 am. toronto sculpture garden to move these to bosses studio.

12pm. finish moving bears. hopefully. cranes n dollies n doillies. n heavy lifting.
12-1. play ping ponmg in studio and prepare for
1 pm. huge truck from bc arrives. carrying 5-7000 pound 14 foot long log.

1-7. move log into studio. we havent figured out how. i proposed a vaseline on the floor and a pack of emus pulling.
7. rush down to distillery district. pick up baconators on way. so many baconators
7-5 in the morning. extra in new pornographers music video. create rivalries on set through strategic pocketful of candies. pit people against each other.
5-the rest of my life.learn to mongolian throat sing this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5RDn5Y0D_0

9 the next day..take apart that orange stage with a crowbar. see things cause of lack of sleep.


HEY GUYZ. im going to take pictures. the log business is going to be very strange. and if you see a big flatbed truck with neon bears driving round. say hey!

i love you all

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