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evil halloween demon

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overheard at work

I will try to explain this story the best I can. may be a bit confusing and long.
So I was distributing a bunch of big black bins at work to the IT ewoks so that they could load up their belongings for the weekend for safe keeping. the reason for this? apparently there is a roach infestation in the computer nerd section of the office that needs to be taken care of. i obtained a map that showed where ground zero for the roach collony is (ravi's desk) and arranged for the pest control peoples to spray on the weekend. the fact that there is a bug problem in a big souless office like the one I work in is fucking hilarious in its own right . espeacially in the weird IT nerd area of the cubicles.(they kinda remind me of bugs as is)(they eat like mice sorta)(julie always pulls her big turtle neck up over her mouth while she works.right upto her nose. very strange)
so i was distributing the bins when I overheard a funny conversation taht is a perfect example of how backwards and bizarre working in a big downtown grey company is.
maureen was leaning up against one of the cubes looking over some work when donna, ravi, and some other person walked up to her. maureen looked up from her paper and made eye contact with donna.
donna: "whats with the look?"
maureen: "what look?"
donna: "you just gave me a funny look!"
maureen: "thats just my face."
donna: "oh"
ravi: "are you sick maureen?"
maureen: "no.."
ravi: "huh, you arent?"
maureen: "no"
(donna kept standing there there awkwardly)
ravi: "oh then whats that?" pointing at a huge herpes sore on maureens lip.
maureen: " huh" awkward smile...gurgle. gurgle. ug. smile. something something...

thats when I ran the fuck out of there and hid in the elevator room for 20 minutes in the fetal position laughing my ass off.

that is all

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ted Talk

I may have posted this TED talk before but its worth the repost. TED is definately a great educating time waster. Check this one out.

ghosts, spirits, and demons

a very serious concern in todays society is the reemergence of ghosts spirits and demons. was it just a cooincidence that so close to halloween all the worlds markets collapse? No. the demons are gathering in their place of power (hamilton) to mount an attack on our psyche on halloween. its all very scary and serious people. i have been covertly watching them as they cast spells and potions. I have ammassed a considerable collection of findings that might help all of you when they finnaly do attack on the 31st. these findings will provide you with a good idea of what to look out for. here are some of the results of years of research:

.here is a picture i collected at a fiuneral. notice that the demon is waering clothing from the occult worshiping JC penny

this road demon has many powers. its cloak makes it hard to see for the untrained eye.

below I have drawn a diagram of the most concerning of all the ghosts demons and spirits. very poowerful with many enchantments that confuse and hurt you. possible level 4 witchbreed too. be careful if encountered friendz.

finnally. here is the msot important infos for you all. its a video taht describes all teh issues we have talked about. watch it and learn. also. if you would like to know more about demons and spirits (not ghosts) i will be hosting a seminar at the airport hilton this saturday from 9am-745pm. it costs 140$ and you will receive your own manuals along with 4 potions to combat evil beings.

beanpoutine jokes that make no sense

Q:what did one cop say to the other cop?
A: Thats what I call a sticky situation!

Two chickens wearing top hats walk into a bar. the bartender turns to one of them and asks "so what can I get you?" the bigger of the two chickens turns to the bartender and quickly responds: "thats what I call a sticky situation!"

Q: what did judge ITO eat at his daughters wedding?
A: corey feldmans favoprite slippers! Twice~! HHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH

Q: where can you find the biggest treees?
A: in your ass!

A football player and a canteloupe get into a fight. What does the football player say to the melon?
A: here we go again old friend!


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the voynich manuscrpit

is a mysterious book written a few hundred years ago that has confused and intrigued many peoples. written in an unknown language it contains pictures and all kinds of strange writings. some think it to be an elaborate hoax while others (myself) think it to be a delisjious recipe for apple brown betty. a better bet then reading what I have to say about it is to check out the wikipedia:

some really interesting strange stuff. definately worth the read over. kinda like the crystal skulls.

here is the complete image directory of the manuscript for your pleasure. if you are able to figure out wahts going on please comment on it below. mysterious.

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mr show

too funny

free stuff!

craigslist free stuff is amazing. check out the sweater i piucked up!

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top #6 JOHN MCCAIN PICS (real)







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with the vote creeping up on us im sure all of you have been thinking over your decision. its a very tough process. you have to decide all the pros n cons. if you are a newb to voting im sure this is a daunting task to ask of all of you. think it over. voting is very very important. The democratic process here in canada gives us freedom. remember that when you check that box.
espeacailly at this important junhcture: both "wiccan freeform poetry" and "internets!" arein a head to head tie.its too close to call with only a few days left. although i wouldnt cross some of the other choices off the list. wow voting is tuff,

sigh. im stressed. this voting thing is getting me all frazzed. talk laterz friends

girls costuime warehouse

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pudge pudge

beanpoutine has been packn on the pounds lately with the reissue of battlestar glaxticia blueray and the 1 dolla super sale of pizza pockets going on at no frills. lots of pudge over here. heres a current pic of me fixing my server computer (please dont laugh friendZ)
so ive gone on a new work out routine to try to get back in shape. this is all vry personal but i feel like you guys can understand what im going thru. thanks for all the support. soon you will see a new me!@

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small apartments

for all those design minded "apartment theraphy" is an amazingly interesting site. its a site that features bios and pictures on tiny 400sq footish apartments from all over the united states. 400 square feet is bloody small but these creative people find space in the strangest of places. check it out(scroll down to see the links to the indicvidual apartments).

ASWELL: heres a cool read on a renovation of a small space. the video on the bottom is a watch-er

bush movie

Friday, October 3, 2008

guyz. internets taking over

wow. so just last night peter mansbridge reported on soemthing that we all hold very near and dear to our hearts: internets. apparently they are taking over and are becioming an imporitatn part of society, me and ma boys in the bloor west WoW (world of warcraft obvs) LAN community are very concerned that too many internets might overload the matrix.,our friends at MIT have been even been discovering some viruss in the tubees that supply the webs. i will report further on thsi very serious newstoruy later,.

pinky the cat

I accidently just snotted on my boss (again)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

dean scream!

in the eve of debates we must look back on one of the best political funnies ever. the dean scream.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hit tracking

millioons of hits per day fly into beanpoutine. from all over the world. our hit tracking team has been working 13 hour days in the "praries" conference room on the 14th floor trying to catch up. its a madhouse in there (srsly).

in the latest report from that department a startling piece of internet has been found. nearly half of all our millions of hits comes from one source: pooping in a groundhog hole.

about a month ago we had a craigslist post of the week of some dude complaining about his neighbors activities:
ever since that post we have been getting hits from fliping everywhere. istanbul, australia, great britain. all people searching for info on google on how to poop in a groundhog hole. for some reason this website pops up(the webz are a mysterious thing people). check it out:
as a result of these finidings we are going to slowly change beanpoutine to be more groundhogcentric. internets only about groundhogs and how to poop in their holes.

that is all. thank you for your interest.