Monday, March 31, 2008

kensington quick eats

here are my top 8 choices for really quick eats in kensington market

1. a pupusa from Perolas. its the little shop beside jumbo empanada. really cute little tasteyness. plcase has lots of character. you can get them in several different flavrours.
2. sandwich from the smaller of the two side by side cheese stores. go to the back and they make nice taste fresh sandwichs for like 4 bucks.
3. chicken empanada at Jumbo empanadca. goodness for all!
4. double from patty king
5. a danish from my market bakery and an apple from fruit store.
6. used to get falafal from akrams b4 it disappeared.lets pretend it still exists.
7. once in awhile a burrito from big fat burrito. they make some good eats/
8. dead pigeon in front of where those crusty punks hang out. been there for like a week.

that is all

david choe

Saturday, March 29, 2008

news of note

something that would only happen in london ontario(i used to live there. ug)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Recipe #3 Caprese Salad

simple good taste

3 vine-ripe tomatoes, 1/4-inch thick slices
1 pound fresh mozzarella, 1/4-inch thick slices (i sometimes use boccihiniii cheese)
20 to 30 leaves (about 1 bunch) fresh basil
Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling
Coarse salt and pepper

Layer alternating slices of tomatoes and mozzarella, adding a basil leaf between each, on a large, shallow platter. Drizzle the salad with extra-virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper, to taste.

rejected marriage proposals at basketball games

aww shucks i would cry and be very sad if any of the following rejections happened to me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

old people dancing

i cant dance for balls. but i can still laugh at old people dancing.

i like this guys hat dance. a lot.

whoa. this guy is fucking doin it. hands to the floor booty in the air? oh no you di-nt!

great compilation

(yo this kinda looks like the westboro baptist church from that earlier louis theroux post-crazy religious family) strange.

Case Study #3: douchebags(1of10)(the gator)

as some of you may have noticed beanpoutine has been suffering from a severe lack of interestingness lately. stupid posts. retard observations. but its all about to change.

I have been working in the feild of douchebag studies for several years now. accumulating info and pictures in order to finish my final paper. the feild is not as simple as one would assume, as there are many nuances/subcategories to take into consideration when going about unearthing the truth behind the douche. many research trips to woodbridge and covert operations inside the guv and tonic have given me a better understanding of the douchebags in their natural habitat. the thematic continuity of this study will become clearer as the weeks pass by.

here is part 1 of a 10 part series. (thanks cmast for all the background stuffs)

this post is dedicated to one of the most fascinating douches of all: they call him "the gator". now internet famous his steely stare and massize bis and tris can be mesmerizing. i think hes as good a place to start as any. not the doucheyest of the douches. but close.

they call him the gator cause of the skin. and the orange.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fear of girls

true love is just a +2 Broadsword away.

great great short. funny. old(some of you internerds prolly saw it already) i want that dragon t-shirt. want it.

the expected greeting

something has happened at work. i work for a big company. many boring faces and dull characters i see very often. i have recently greeted myself into an awkward situation that some of you might be familiar with: the expected hello. About a week ago I said hi to this guy i sometimes see around, not knowing really who he was or ever talking to him or nutthn. Now everytime I see him I have to say hi cause of that first time. you may be big deal you anti-social weiner. but when you see the person like 10 times in a day..and have nothing at all to ever talk about its a big deal. its fucked. its like i have signed some terrible awkward contract with dullness. I have gone so far as to not walk in areas where he usually congregates. sigh. me="hey" him="hey"*10 times a day=annoying. i cant just stop saying hi to him cause he will recognize that and it will be so much worse from then on. we will both remember that period when we said hey to each other and the unspoken awkwardness will be ,,,bad..,.., fack

i have learned a valuable lesson. never be friendly.

any tips or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

hipster trap

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Craiglist post of the day

best of craigslist >
kansas city > lvl 8 ogre mage seeks moon queen or druid
Originally Posted: Sun, 12 Aug 14:06 CDT

lvl 8 ogre mage seeks moon queen or druid

Date: 2007-08-12, 2:06PM CDT

I am a lvl 8 warrior seeking my adventuring companion for game play and fornication. I partake in only adventure/fantasy role play, no creepy goth stuff, it’s too weird. Only sanctioned spells allowed, costume dress optional but preferred. I have the body of a wandering Norwegian brawler and short brown hair. Please be quite buxom and imaginative for play and enjoy fantasy role play aesthetics. Please send pics, leves, preferred adventure type and spell list. We could go get dinner (under $20), and watch a movie. Also I’m allergic to cats.

  • Location: the lair (mission)
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 395322346

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Monday, March 24, 2008

bimonthly blog update#1

hey folks

here giving you the bi-monthly roundup on all the happenings in the beanpoutine universe. the past 2 weeks have had their highs(look at that horse!), and lows(ravers), but something unforeseen has occurred that might threaten all that is beanpoutine. the blog has lost over half of its readers as a result of an inadvertent slight of my huge wiccan fanbase. apparently most of my readers have flipped over to (wiccan chat forum)because of lack of wiccan related posts. whowoulda thunk it. anywho. with death near beanpoutine needs your help. spread the word of the beanpoutine and you will be rewarded with continued excellence in:
-tranny fights
-nonsensical recipes
-valuable goth coverage
-videos of tardbags on the home shopping network
-and occasionally indepth research(floating island thingies)
AND more wiccan related info(giving into wiccan pressure)(and fear of spells n such)(<--lame)



pathetic fights

im a pathetic fighter. so are these people.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Louis Theroux

beanpoutine is gonna be away for the weekend so heres something that beanpoutine has been holding back for a little while. The best show ever. this should last a few days. enjoy.'s_Weird_Weekends

what it is is a show where he goes to the states and investigates/lives wtih a kinda strange subculture. real itneresting stuff. some of the episodes are streaming on google video. chek it out.. the one on jails is esp good. the type of journalism that you dont find in the states or rarely in canada.

crazy religious family

our robot overlords

Thanks ninjaslice/theonion

Giant Girl Doll

an oldie but a goodie

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We live in houses which reside in countries. Are there any other options you ask? Fuck yea. The internet has opened my eyes to whole new possibilities for living; specifically on a man made island. Im not talking bout houseboats, which are cool in their own right. but self built islands. I have never thought of myself as being an adventurous person. Actually I would consider myself fairly boring. Maybe even half-tarded and useless. But there are people out there that achieve crazy great empowering things when it comes to where they do their liv'n.
The previously mentionned woodland home is a perfect example of someone on their own punching off the grid and living in soemthing they built themselves (not to mention kinda cool looking.)

The woodland home is not nearly close to the extreme lengths that some people have gone to in order to live somewhere unique and autonomous.Lets move onto the topic at hand: floating island house things. Way down in Peru there is a man who under the influence of Ayahuasca(look it up) had images of a floating pyramid. So he started building the fucking thing. This pic is it in its early stages.
When finished its gonna be way way bigger and have a ton of features, such as a 500 person theatre a gym etc. This one project is very spiritually based according to my co-worker who went down and visited the guy. Shamanism n stuff propels his floating house thingy. cool shit.
The idea that someone could attempt such a monumentous task really struck a chord in my lazy ass. so I delved deeper into the world of insane people building floating houses. One of the best examples of such is a house floating off the coast of cancun..get this...on 300,000 pop bottles. Its got a couple of beachs, trees, a house, etc etc. Heres a pic:
Thats a floating island people. FLOATING. Apparently the trees have started rooting so its kinda stationary for now.
The grandness of such projects makes me feel bad bout my inability to put away clothing in my room let alone building something so fucky. If your house reflects who you are. these poeple are whimsical fairytale japanese cartoon islands whereas I am a messy boring normal run of the mill bad art collecting..damn...where was i going with this.
anywho, ontyo paddy bates. ..hes a whole nother thing. He made a fucking floating country. He named it Sealand. built on an old ww2 base of some sort, he successfully (kinda) proclaimed it as a new nation in 1967 with its own postage, money, sports teams and so on. The story of sealand is much too complicated to outline here but you can read about it on wikipedia at The micronation has been throu alot inits breif history. war, government in exile, fire, porn hosting. But heres the capper. Its now up for sale for like over 50 million pounds. Thats can buy a nation if you have the money.

There are several more examples of similar undertakings on the net. Some peoples in italy tried a sealandesque proclamation of independence years ago. all very itneresting stories.
In the end, floating your house is a dream saved only for the crazies out there. For the rest of us i suppose a dingy or waterwings will do. (great conclusion beanpoutine! A+ for effort)

house of interest

i want to live in this house. (I know I know hobbit home har har har)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

things I like

1. pretty girls

2. no wipe poos(actually always at least one wipe..unless you are very very confident..)

3. japanese ravers

4. rolling pennies

5. watching tranny fighting videos on youtube (see earlier post)

5. perry bible fellowship

Concert Review #1: Justice

so im staring at the wall in my room eating grapes last night when my roomie shrieks something fierce. free concert, open bar,at the great hall........ Justice. 15 minutes to roll grapes off belly and get ready. (stef is king. was working door)
To tell you the truth I didnt really know too much bout the Justice cept from their catchy summer singles. something bout being my friend. another one bout spelling. What I did know is that they apparently put on a good show and were a huge act to be playing such a small venue as the Great Hall. I quickly called up the biggest justice fan i knew (dougal in a kickass mc hammer tshirt) and was out the door.
the place was busyish when I got there with roomie and friends in tow. apparently it was some kinda free ticket giveaway by rogers or cibc or something, although the corporateness was kept to a minimum thankfully. the place quickly filled up by the time Justice came on sporting their dads old leather jackets. with it being an open bar and all a lot of the night was a pretty big blur.
i dunno if it was the crowd but the early parts of their set seemed a bit less a performance and more a lazy dj set where busy p and the justice guys would trade off djing while the tohers were prolly banging some leotarded american apparal add backstage.
but as the night ticked past 12 the energy and drunkeness int he great hall started to escalate to nutty levels ...and so did the justice showmanship that i had heard so much about. round 1 the shit really "went off." people jumped on stage, my roomie started grindn up on some guy in a tacky red tie, and the music really started to impress. they would mix in some hard house stuff with oldies like the ronettes-be my baby, which was kinda fun to listen to. the crowd went nuts when they played that friends song. fun times. the night was kinda like a gradual crescendo with the last bit showing me why they really were so big.
anywho. this review is a little long winded for a night i dont remember much of. but it was a fun night all in all. these dj guys do it like every other day which is fucking incredible. i wonder if it takes some of the fun out of it for them. maybe thats why they agree to do more intimate shows like this..or maybe rogers paid them a buncho money. who knows.
thanks stef for the hook up and getting us by the doorpeoples. fucking open bar!

Quantum Theory Made Simple(sorta)

If you have ever wondered what quantum mechanics is, watch/listen to this lecture by hans bethe. Kinda long but im sure theres someone out there that would be interested. Important info for understanding stuffs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Study #2: ravers

As a whole ravers don't differentiate much from the goths. they are both..really really lame. I have spent much of my life studying the ravers as a species. their migration patterns, nesting habitats, use of suckers and big pants, and their predispostion towards being mostly completely lame. (although i have imcluded some pictures of ravers i appreciate.) most will say: dude you werent there, you dont know n shit. to them i say: all i need is google images. have a look see. be wary. if you look too far into their eyes or you may be overtaken by urges to dance like an idiot while tweaking out on ketamine at wempf. here are some of the pictures from my files.

underage scarborough ravers being offered glowsticks for sexuals.

subspecies of ginger raver. may ask you to sign lame journal if encountered.

another subspecies of raver only found in japan. actually kinda cool.possible nu-raver.

popular djs(oftn play at comfort zone (rip))

frosh week kids. not ravers. my mistake

another awesome japanese raver. "blissing out" i suppose.

the bpm(beats per minute) sometimes make ravers piss their skirts

"geezers" tweaking out on the beach(prly happy hardcore)

note the goth/ninja raver mixing with the candys(also unfocused eyes and lameness)

Craigslist Post of the Day

i think i might start this as a regular thing.

Free Man's Toupee
Date: 2008-02-13, 4:54PM EST
Only worn twice. From The House of Frank. Real human hair. Brownish blonde with a sprinkling of gray highlights. One size fits all. Can be trimmed to suit taste. Wash in washing machine, gentle cycle. No bleach. Looking for new owner because neighborhood dogs growl at me when I wear toupee. Also squirrels chase me down the street. Maybe you will have better luck. email for p/u.
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 573125488

Recipe #2 (Rosti)

I had this for the first time today. a tastey and simple dish it seems. I had it with like a bbq chicken sauce thing. Gonna try to make it tonight. The in "the morning and night" thing with this recipe im sure can be avoided. and extra ingridients are prolly possible.

Night before:Parboil potful of peeled pototoes about 20 minutes. Cool somewhat and grate with box grater. Chop finely one onion. Grate a cup or two of Swiss cheese.
In the morning:Melt a couple tablespoons of butter with equal oil. Add potato-onion-cheese mixture. Salt well and grate pepper. Fry over med-high heat, lifting the browned bottoms up and flipping, to distribute browned, crunchy areas evenly, without mushing the potato gratings. When evenly browned (about 15 minutes), press tightly into pan. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of water on top and cover. Cook about 15 minutes more, med heat.
To serve, flip onto dish or onto small cutting board, crunchiest side up. Cut into wedges. Serve two wedges per plate (overlapping just be be decorative).
We serve this with an asparagus fritata, a vegetarian meal.

Monday, March 17, 2008

the dog bit my vagina

So I've been posting many videos lately, and Ill try to involve more real stuff soon enough. But for now. funny. This video has been flying round the internet for a couple of weeks. Not a beanpoutine original. nevertheless. its ass exploding funny.

La Blogotheque

i dont really know who la blogoteque is. or what it means. i suppose its french. They post some beautiful music videos on the youtube of some of your fav tender musics.(best 2=grizzly bear and final fantasy)

Final Fantasy

I'm From barcelona

Arcade Fire


Grizzly Bear

Friday, March 14, 2008

King of Kong Movie Review

some of us take video games very srsly (all you guitar hero nerds out there) some of us are casual players. others fucking live that shit. King of Kong is a movie very much about those people that live for video games, and so much more. its got a great geeky 80's camp to it. intrigue. great haricuts. nerds. and lots of donkey kong.... lots of it. its a doc by the way. check it out heres the trailer. its a bit low budget but its totes cool.

4 tranny fights out of 5

tranny fight

the title says it all. a 56 wales time waster.

I WISH I WAS THERE(great news story)

you know its on when the hair comes off(big guy. kinda scary)(I gave you everything!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Myth of Sysiphus

the world can be a crushing place for many people. the absurdity of it all. perhaps god doesnt exist. there is no eternity. and shit really sucks. in light of all that existential mumbo jumbo reserved for a first year university class, there can be some redemption. the myth of sysiphus is a reread for me whenever I need a good ol albert camus pick me up. read it. it takes a bit to get going. have patience and push your way thru.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


some of you might already know about this...all the southparks ever..all streaming.


Here is some of my own personal research into the goth. I have accumulated quite the goth database and will release bits here and there. to the non goth some of this might frighten you. while on the otherhand my huge goth readership will enjoy this post. or i mean. they will frown and talk about bats or george strombo or something. please feel free to post some of your own findings in the comments section.

goths just hanging about. probably on their way to the bovine

excitable vampire-gay-goths

very rare hot goths

goths having fun. soon afterwards were shunned by the community


more hot goths

spider art in kitchen:good sign you have kinky oshawa goth

highschool goth like to be alone.

subspecies of kilt-goth that are found congregating in small nmbrs round dusk

on one of my research missions I went to a slipknot concert at the docks. this pic wasnt from that trip. although its a good sample or what to expect for your own slipknot concert at the docks

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Iceman

Richard Kuklinski was a messed up guy. The guy died recently so I fear no longer being tied up in a cave and filmed while rats eat me. The basics of who he is can be found on the wikipedia page: which outlines his upbringing and some of the shit that he did during his life. bad man. bad man. The reason why im posting about him is that i recently rewatched an interview with him that was conducted a few years ago which creeped the shit out of me. Watch it. I wouldnt post it unless it was worth it: its like an hour long. have fun.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


only like 2 days into this here blog some shit went down. They censored me. They blocked my blog. The truth scared them. By them I mean google. So apparently you aren;t allowed to post explicit tranny porn in the blogspots.

nah all kidding aside I think they blocked me cause they thought this thing was spam or something. Anywho. So this post is gonna be dedicated to something very near and dear to my heart: people screwing up on the home shopping network. the hilarity of it all is unfuckingdeniable. Chek it.

This first one is probably one of the most hilarious things to ever happen ever:

Heres a good one too. notice how he continues to try and ride it out even though he knows the thing is fucked. what a tardbag.



I could do this all day people. the funny is never ending.

your pal,

the internet

Thursday, March 6, 2008


so based upon the glorious success of 14 annual 56 wales Chili con carnival I am going to post my secret recipe to my white chicken chili:

So the ingridients in no particular order are:

a handful of ground chicken
one chicken breast or thigh. whatevs
one onion
one yellow pepper
like 16 ozs of diced tomatos in can
can of drained white kidney beans
like a cup of chicken broth
some garlic
small can of green chilies
can of tomatillos(whole green tomato in can)
bit o sugar
cayenne or some flakes of chili peps
bit o celery seed perhaps
perhaps some cumin or garlic salt

ok so cut up the following into smallish thingies. yellow pepper. onion. garlic. then afterwards the chicken breast.

fry the garlic and brown the ground chicken and the small peices of chicken breast. throw in little sprinkles of garlic salt. oregano. cayenne. and then when the chicken is nicely mostly cooked throw it into a crock pot or a pot.

then put in rest of ingridients.(can of chili, diced tomatoes, beans, spices. yellow pepper, onion) chop up the chilies and dont overdo any of the spices. but they are kinda like not really essential. its whether you have them. also if you like more beans..put more beans in. white beans are needed. navy beans. drain them though. chop up tomatillos and put in aswell. ( i spose if you cant find them you can use a can of stewed tomatoe)

if you put it in a crock pot let it simmer for a bunch o hours. if in a least 1-2 hours would be good. maybe less chicken broth if in normal pot or you want it to be done fast n shit. and you might need to thicken it a bit late in the cooking process with some corstarch or flower or something(mix in cold water first b4 adding). Thats pretty much it. i think. maybe a bit of sugar if it tastes kinda shitty near the end. put sharp cheddar on top.
if you die. blame not me. wash hands n such.


A blog? WHAt the fuck do I have to add to the internets? like what could i possibly say that would be of any interests ever. "check out this video of a fat kid falling" or "my work is boring.." blah blah blah internet internet internet. I suppose i will treat this as a means to waste time at work and blab about inconsequential (sp?) shit that pops its head up in my life. Some running themes in the early stages of this blogg:

1.fat kids falling.
2. boringness of working for the man
3. awkward photos I find on google images.(mostly of goths and ravers)
4. movies!
5. the good music

ok lets start it off. check out this raver all hopped up on E and tweaking out in some feild

Like what the fuck.
ugmo ravers hugging cows.

So for dinner yesterday I made this delish meal. I ate a cold can of beans in tomato sauce. oh the taste sensation. I was in heaven.
And for the good music: go to some great streaming dj sets that help me overcome the dire boringness of doing nothing here at work.