Thursday, March 27, 2008

Case Study #3: douchebags(1of10)(the gator)

as some of you may have noticed beanpoutine has been suffering from a severe lack of interestingness lately. stupid posts. retard observations. but its all about to change.

I have been working in the feild of douchebag studies for several years now. accumulating info and pictures in order to finish my final paper. the feild is not as simple as one would assume, as there are many nuances/subcategories to take into consideration when going about unearthing the truth behind the douche. many research trips to woodbridge and covert operations inside the guv and tonic have given me a better understanding of the douchebags in their natural habitat. the thematic continuity of this study will become clearer as the weeks pass by.

here is part 1 of a 10 part series. (thanks cmast for all the background stuffs)

this post is dedicated to one of the most fascinating douches of all: they call him "the gator". now internet famous his steely stare and massize bis and tris can be mesmerizing. i think hes as good a place to start as any. not the doucheyest of the douches. but close.

they call him the gator cause of the skin. and the orange.


matty d said...
I'm sure you're aware of this site, it's probably come up at DS (douchebag studies) conventions....

beanpoutine said...

yea i was referred to it by cmast(closet douche). great site. some great douches on it