Wednesday, April 30, 2008

four half minutes of people falling

this is a bit non-beanpoutiney..whatevs. still funny

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TED: interesting talks

So a few posts ago we looked at a conference called TED down in california which deals with all kinds of interdiscipliartay topics of itnerest.
A fellow beanpoutiner took a deeper look into the talks and came out with a couple that he thought were worth a defiante look see.

This first one is my fav. sometimes you hear/read something taht flips the way you ahve been thinking.

underwater alien animal thingies
teh geographer in me really enjoyed this visual presentation on poverty

Monday, April 28, 2008

tv shows for watching fun

below is a list of a few TV shows that beanpoutine enjopyed throughtloyu but may have been kinda skipped over by lots of people when they came out. I will add the torrent link for those that download stuff illegally. obviously i ignored the sopranos, deadwoods, etc. if any of the links/torrents suck just message beanpoutine and we will find you a better one.

Carnivale- this HBo two season show really didnt get the supporrt that woulda brought it back for anotyher season. great great sets and art direction. beautiful creepy show. worth a look
Season 1-

Season 2-

The Lost Room- a sci fi channel miniseries that was wayyy under the radar..prolly cause it was on the sci fi channel and didnt have a huge budget n shit. i think the three episodes really had soemthing going for them. very interesting show. bit nerdy.

All three episodes-

Home Movies- this show was the ish. thats right. the ish. fucking dry humour beyond belief. adult cartoon with wit and painful dryness...its a must see. the coach is prolly one of the best characters ever written for a cartoon.

four seasons-

um im sure there are a few more. but ill keep it at these three for now. if anyone needs help with torrents. message me. i can give a personal tutorial n shit. also show you how to dl each individual episode at a time rather then the whole seasons which would take forever.

yourse truly

the internet

Craigslist post of the day #5(im gonna call)

FREE SEX TOYS!!!!!!! (King City)
Reply to: sale-659773407@craigslist.orgDate: 2008-04-28, 4:24PM
recently closed down my "stag" shop and i have a few boxes of left over items. There are boxes and boxes of pretty much anything you can imagine (including lingerie). Everything is brand new in original packaging. Meetings will have to be arranged because i don't want strangers coming to house. Please call ASAP. Shanna B. 905 758 0550
Location: King City
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 659773407

Friday, April 25, 2008

half ton man doc

half ton man doc. interesting look at half ton man

new huge project of great interest

i would just like to inform my thousands of readers that the posts might decrease in number(and quality) for the next bunch of hours because beanpoutine will be busy with its hugesst project to date: an indepth analysis of reptoids. thats right. do not be afraid. beanpoutine will unearth all that we now know (and will know in the future(meeting with a psychic tomrrow that specializes in channeling other reptoid realms)) about reptoids. so have patience.
have a quick look at deese websites if you dont know what i am talking about(you should.vry srious issue in todays society):

Thursday, April 24, 2008


time magazine mashup beanpoutine shat out. i have added a copy of the original if any of youse wanna give it a try. im suire there are tons of funny ad-ons(preferably with "uppet" as an ending.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the public=stupid

i dont think i need to wax poetic/philosophical about this. although i think theres a lot to be said about beauty and art and such. watch both.

i hate it.....

.....when you dont make any lunch for work and so you quickly grab whatever is in your fridge which turns out to be ahalf full jar of applesauce and then when you get to work you scoop a huge spoonful out of it and eat it and then well savoring the tasteyness of the applesauce you look down at the applesauce top and see a bunch of white furry stuff covering it and so you gag and accidently spit sauyce on your lap and some on your chin while your coworker quietly looks on from the doorway to your office with utter disgust in his eyes. i hate it when that happens. dont we all beanpoutine. dont we all......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

nick cage


japanese game show!

lolz !!! japanese people are real bleeping strange/awesome

Movies for you

Hey!! i'm the best!!!

so everyone likes movies. esp ones that they can stream and watch secretly at work. so heres a website with a whole bunch of the them. some dont work. some do. .
annnnd heres a link to a great disturbing german flick that has recently been remade and is int heatres. FUNNY GAMES

Monday, April 21, 2008

Edward Gorey

heres a short little diddy by one of my fav illustrators. you can get the complete book at most comic/book stores..makes a great mothers day gift

Recipe #4: brussel sprouts!

so for some reason brussel sprouts got a bad name for themselves. there seems to be a very strong anti-brussel sprout agenda amoungst cartoon and kids show makers. i used to fucking hate them simply because of this marketing.

but now I love those green little guys. heres a couple of recipes

-cut off their dirty little nubs and make a slight kris kross cut on their base(standard b-s(brusselsprout) operating procedure fyi). now get them a bit soft by blanching them in some hot water. fry up some bacon in little chunks and then add the sprouts to the pan. later add some lemon juice and a bit of tastey good mustard and a few walnuts and then you are in brussel sprout heaven.

-you can also roast them by cutting them in half and bouncing them around in some olive oil. salt..pepper...lemon zest,,garlic.yum!

-walnuts are always good withh brussel sprouts. as is hard cheese grated ontop. maybe make a salad with some beans or carrots or sumthin.

that is all.

Friday, April 18, 2008


TED: is an annual conference in california where a variety of speakers give lectures on cool shit. The topics range from new technology to environment..etc etc. All of the lectures can be found on their website at some cool stuff
i will amend this post by the end of today with my favs(i havent seen that many)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cqase study: Cybergoth

one of beanpoutines earliest posts delved into the forgotten world of the goth( Upon finishing that particular study I was sure that I had good working knowledge of all that is goth. From the very rare hot goth to the subspecies of kilt goth I thought that all the bases were covered. But no. I had ignored the most powerful and elusive goth of them all: the cybergoth. the cybergoth species has the elast amount of literature on them as they often lurk in the nerdy underground called teh itnernet. I attempted to infiltrate one of their lairs(chat forum) but was instantly cast aside as a nOOb. ( one of the chat forums in question can be found at btw) there is little i have learned about the cybergoth but i will release some info for hope that some of my readers can fill in the blanks. are they dangerous? where are their nesting grounds? mating rituals? .....anything people. please. i dont like not knowing bout it all (goths like double negatives) so please are the few pictures and info i was able to gain access to.

i have the list of 15 great goggle and laser gun combos if anyone needs it btw (and the "is he gay or is he cyber? article)

cybergoths hang out with trolls as ios my understanding

hj's from cybergoths can be painful

cybergoth wedding

cybergoth hotties (vry rare)

Craigslist Post of the day #4

Get Well Balloon
Date: 2007-04-15, 11:33PM PDT

get well balloon free, its slowly dying but good for someone you only slightly care about

Location: bend
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i have a confession. I am a clutterer. sigh. takes a lot for me to admit to it. sigh.
day after day i spend hour after hour trudging through pile after pile of clutter in my room. stacks of foam broadswords, boxes of magic cards, huge mountains of hotstuffs wrappers, cupboards of porn. oh the porn. my desk has become a mess. here are some pics(very personal, please be kind) of my room:

for years i thought i was alone in my clutter and mountains of hotstuff wrappers. but no. there are oterhs like me. i have now joined a support group called clutterers anoynoymous. they are great,. i am on step number 6 presently :Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
the 12 steps can be found here:

i think many people out there deny that they are like me. follow the stops and you can one day be clutter free! and finnally admit to god your disgusting faults
i would appreciate if all you guiys supported me on my quest to become organized and closer to the most uncluttered person ever! God!. thanks pals.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

monks vs fat kids

wtih all the things happening in thw world today (monks vs athletes) one must remember that the real enemy are da fat kids.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

unsold pilots

my pilot is still in the works (wiccan goth aliens attack earth)so yall have to wait but here are some pilots that never came to tv(some are cool).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

karaoke songs

me and my friends went to karaoke after larping on sunday(im a lvl 4 druid with cloak of healing). joseph sang this song (omg i want to be in this dadband)

but i wish i had fo had the balls to go on stage and sing this gem! i needed a lvl 6th confidence boost heh!

I kinda want these pants



heres a real cool site where you can make a playlist for others to hear. some of the playlists on it are great aswell. good streaming music. give it a look see. some great music on it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

lets move to new zealand

some pics of my friends

this is my dad and his friend at my sisters wedding. i think they were high on pcp(he does a lot of it unfortunatly)

just some cool street art

my family being wacky! arent we a bunch of kidders! aunt janey is the best for taking this!

my friend really likes his mustard doesnt he?!(its becoming a problem unfortunately)

we had such a fun day at the porn theater!

i wish he were my friends. what a great cuddle they are having!@

my uncle sherm is kinda weird. he walks around with garlic all the time. i think he may have brain problems. he once threw them at me for playing steppenwolf on the record player at aunt janeys house. i havent seen him since

our robot overlords #2

since we are already on the topic of robots. (See previous post and the post titled "our robot overlords.") I have decided to do some in depth research into whether or not we should be afraid of robots taking over the planet any time soon. they sulk in the shadows waiting for a sign pf weakness. but should we be afraid of our robot brothers?
my answer: No fucking way.
robots suck and will never usurp us as the domuinant power on this here planet. here are my reasons.
1. the need battrys. and they need us to put the battrys in. Can you even imagine a robot walking into a walmart and buying a set of duracells. the simple fact means that robots wuill forever be at our whim. stupid robots.
2. they fall down a lot. cant master the whole bipedialism eh there asimo?

3.humans are better dancers. Compare these two videos.

4.robots cannot yet transform into cars and helicopters. or go bacjk in time to save humanity. or anyrthing of the sort. mostly just fight each otehr on nerd tv.
5. and finnally. robots cannot yet make me bacon for breakfast. untill that happens robots are not to be feared people. so sleep easy for now.

that is all (feel free to add your reasons why robots suck in the comments section)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

scary thing

Friday, April 4, 2008

where I want to be right now

Craigslist Post of the day #3

MC Hammer Pants

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date: 2007-06-22, 2:58PM MDT

Guess what,

I was cleaning out my closet and I found 47 pairs of BRIGHT NEON MC Hammer pants. I was going to burn them and dance around the flames to try to make it rain or something, but I thought that maybe somebody would want these. They are absolutely the worst pants of all time. I can't remember being stupid enough to buy these, but I must have been. Either that or MC Hammer owes me a bunch of rent money. I have them all in a huge garbage sack sitting on the sidewalk. If you want them you must just come pick up the bag and drive away. If anybody comes up and tears the bag and spills those hideous things into the street where my neighbors can see, I will be very unhappy. Garbage collection is on Monday so if they aren't gone Mr. BFI gets them.

If you want this garbage, email me and I will give you instructions.

Location: Lone Tree
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

things I will do this weekend

1. go to turning point on saturday with friend for birthday. lean against the wall and judge people. cry when i get home.
2. watch an episode of freaks and geeks while eating yogurt covered raisin.
3. bike to dufferin mall and try and buy a new cellphone.
4. maybe bake a pie. apple raspberry perhaps.
5.go to raptors game tonight and then maybe art show at whippersnapper afterwards. sneak micky into raptors game.
6. visit record store and look for bessi smith record.
7. wash my car
8. shower

Thursday, April 3, 2008

leave the fat kids alone

people picking on fat kids on the internet has to stop. its unacceptable that we put up with fat kids being made fun of for such thigns as, falling dopwn, eating lots of food, crying a lot. come on people. leave the fat kids alone. IT MUST STOP!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Case Study #3: Douchebags(2of10)

Our initial foray into the world of the douchebag introduced us to "the gator."LOLZ OMG!!WTF!!! As shown by the gator, douchebags come in all shapes and colours. nevertheless there is opne color in particular that really seems to dominate the different species of douchebag found thruout the world ('s clubs)> Orange. i will now present you with some of the best individual cases of the orange douchebag yet found in the wild.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cucumbers are gross

heres a comic i made about gross cucumbers.

simplified ontological proof of gods existence

religiuous thinkers often reference this proof.besides all the religious vs atheist bibble babble that exists today its an interesting logical deductive proof n such. first thrown out there by st. anslem.

God is, by definition, a being greater than anything that can be imagined.
Existence both in reality and in imagination is greater than existence solely in one's imagination.
Therefore, God must exist in reality; if He did not, God would not be a being greater than anything that can be imagined

or in other words

God is that entity than which nothing can be greater.
The concept of God exists in human understanding.
God exists in one's mind but not in reality.
The concept of God's existence is understood in one's mind.
If God existed in reality, it would be a greater thing than God's existence in the mind.
The final step to God's existence is that God in reality must exist.

music sources

these are good for those that work in a place where filesharing is frowned upon.
good music blog with downloadable songs

archive of CKUT shows.(mcgill radio) bluegrass ramblins on sundays is good. as are many others. click on tjhe little speaker sign

neat little online streaming tool where you pick the type of music and style n such and it plays music,. music

seris problem in todays socieyt