Sunday, May 30, 2010

i had two dreams last night:

one about my friend patricia.
and then one about the devil and the coming apocalypse. raining death and zombies and demons and angry ghosts and monster wolves upon everyone. i commandeered a cool looking camper van and drove off into the burning embers of what was once our world. he followed me but with a little luck and tons of smarts I outfoxed him time and time again.
reasons why I think I had this dream: i read a national geographic article about wolves yesterday. and i had a crazy party night till 5 in the morning. was involved in some evil deeds im sure.also I looked at pictures of cool campers online yesterday morning. um what else. thats about it. the devil apocalypse part im not sure of. maybe connected to the patricia dream. which was boring. ill have to think this all over once my brain has settled.

thats all i have to say for today

anyone wanna play warhammer tonight? or an old fashionned lan party? stiff and a board wiccan thingy? larping?

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