Monday, July 26, 2010


Long past midnight I walked towards the port-a-potty where my friend was taking a poo. Clouds shrouding the moon...darkness darkness..slowly I made my way through the mud. Trench footed I stepped wildly. Then out of nowhere from a path not three feet behind me a ghostly figure emerged. I quickly glanced behind me to see a young curly haired girl in a breezy flowered blue summer dress hitched up above her muddy ankles. Her eyes belayed her otherwise normal outward her eyes I saw death and destruction. A century of killing for the sake of it. Feasting on the souls of the innocent in the dark of night. She must have stolen the body of a young girl. Used it as a vessel to prey upon the weak...upon me.
I hurried my steps as she matched them close behind. The port-a-potty got closer and closer. Step Step Step. Please I thought to myself. Please let my friend be done pooing. I need him by my side now more then ever. As I closed in on the poospot I had luckily created a bit of distance between myself and her.
Off in the distance a wolf howled, a raven crowed.
In front of the port a potty where my friend sat I entrenched myself...readying for what was to come. What did she want from me. Why was she following me. Please. Please. save me. Someone. Anyone.
I grabbed hold of a fence post and closed my eyes. My heart stopped beating, the world stopped turning. Squinting one eye open she walked in front of me towards...the very potty that my dear friend was in. Oh no. its not me shes after. SAVE YOURSELF MARK. She grabbed for the door...that in his haste to poo he had forgotten to lock. There he sat staring directly into her eyes...eyes ....of apocalyptic death. MEEEPP she squeaked. UG sorry he responded. she closed the door and moved to the next potty.
never to be seen again.
I never asked mark what he saw for that second they locked eyes.

and I never will.

the end

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You are best at writing.