Wednesday, September 15, 2010


you are a highschool hugenerd whose books always get knocked out of your nerd hands in the hall. and then the captain of the team will fall in love with you or like lose a bet and then he will have to take you to the prom and you will let your hair out and take off your book glasses and you will turn out to be a real babe and he will like double take look at you..actually the whole senior class will have to double take to believe its you..... especially the hot bitchy cheerleader or something. but instead of picking him as like your prom king..(you are the queen) pick the other nerd who was too shy to ask you. and you have one private dance and everyone looks at you differently now (because of your hotness and pity/love for the boynerd) and the movie ends. o wait in the ending credits your nerd date pulls out a guitar and rocks hard and everyone dances and then your date scores the winning touchdown on some secret play to win the state finals or something of the sort.
also wait wait, maybe a cameo appearance by weird al or stone cold steve austin
and theres a rough in tumble tuff guy from a bad family thats always in trouble with the law who secretly has a heart of gold.

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surfcamp said...

have you been watching teen movies starring the likes of Freddy Prince Jr.?
i like those ones to...
how come i can't get a date??
can i borrow a feeling?