Monday, April 18, 2011

leaving this city for the summer (or good) and need someone to take over my job for a bit.
open auditions this week. i am a mascot.
kool aid guy. mr peanut. toucan sam. etc etc etc

round one will involve interpretive dance
round two. quesadilla eating
three. homemade wine drinking
four. lazing on my couch drinking tea and watching movies for days on end.
five. sweating. mascotting involves lots of sweating.
six. funny internet finding.

i will not choose the best person for the job. because someday i want it back
so yea
talk soon people

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Anonymous said...

To Mr. Peanut

Well I’m guessing that mine skills will perfectly match most of these requirements!
however, I’m not sure what round 1 really means, round 2 sounds delicious, round 3 & 4 sounds interesting , round 5, well I have some thoughts about that , with round 6 I’ll get better on that.