Thursday, January 1, 2009


check out this gem guyz.

fucking perfection. a picture that encapsulates so much sadness. fucking two pathetic pale scabby british inbredfucks get married and go down to jamaica for their honeymoon. "ey hun, lets take one of those horse back rides on the bech! oh babe thats such a great idea. i love you sao much"

they take the picture while some poor guy is drowning in front of them. and they probably remember it as the best trip of their life. really grinds my gears guyz. if it wasnt for the internet we wouldnt get to see all the sadness inthe world. sigh. im going to go make some porridge and cry.
its not just shits and giggles around here at the beanpoutine poffice. we see it all.

crushing truths perish from being acknowledged.

happy new year friends.

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