Sunday, June 15, 2008

used bikes toronto

ive been asked a number of times where to find good used bikes in toronto that aint a store. stores are often overpriced and markupy. so heres me list of places to go and check out:

mike the bike in kensington market. its hit and miss but can be a good place:

community bicycle network on queen west is the best place prolly to find inexpensive bikes and to learn/have your bike tuned and fixed. great great socially concious toronto place:

smiliar to cbn but smaller, the bike pirates at college and bathurst are defiantely a good resource when open. they have aq huge supply of used
parts and the occasional gem.

my number one place is craigslist cause often you get dumb people with twice ridden beautiful bikes at cheap prices. you gotta be quick in contacting them though.

same as craigslist but smaller and more 905 oriented kijiji was the place that i found the steed im currently riding.

although ive never bought anything off the police auctions but there are some diamoinds here and there. i dunno wherer you pick them up though. worth a look see. can contact me. i always have a bike or two for sale so shoot me an email. there are also some secret places(not stolen) that involve a series of clues, handshakes and pathways to find.

that is all

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