Tuesday, September 2, 2008

matching couples and families

here at beanpoutine there is one thing that we hold very close to our heart: love. with so much evil and pain in the world(RIP Biggie) love is what binds us all together. the most beautiful expression of love is something that you all can do. Buy matching clothing with your loved ones. is there anything else that perfectly shows your caring and emotions? I submit that there is not.
here are some pics that will melt your (icy) heart:

malabar sells full liberace family clothings. (ultimate expression of love)

"hey hunny..whats it like making out with yourself?"

even minature people can dress alike

family vacation is a time to really let loose!(with love!)

tip: sew names into clothings to save from embarassment of mixing family membvers up.
hawaiian shirts also make good dresses (and lingere!)

lets go for the giant blueberry look today
the lidstones are the wackiest family on the block! their mid summer bbqs are the stuff of legend (wife swapping)

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