Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my issues with poo

so everyone poos. I poo you poo. we all poo. but where does that poo go? and how linked and dependent are we on this system in place that gets rid of aforementionned poo? therein lies the problem/question/poo
lets take a look at downtown business district. there are hundreds of thousands of people pooing down here everyday. and it all gets sucked down into pipes and such. but what if those pipes stopped working. like all of them. what would happen then?
I say we have one day before its a poo-copalipse. like one day of holding it in b4 everyone is pooing in the streets and all over the place. thats how tied into this system we are. one small thing. such as the poo pipes stop working and its utter chaos.
in no time at all (one week ive formulated) we will be cannibalizing each other to stop the piles of poo from drowning us all.
we live a very fragile existence. we are teetering people. poos balancing on a tightrope.
im scared. im fucking scared.


matty d said...

though I agree that we've become very used to indoor plumbing (especially in apartment buildings!), I would like to (foolishly?) think that we could quickly re-learn old tricks. Mind you (and I realize that the socio-psychological factors are far more complicated that I suggest) when Katrina forced all the people into the thunderdome (that's what the stadium was called, right?), it only took about five minutes before people were pooping in the hallways.

beanpoutine said...

katrina is a good example.
well I would hope that we would adapt somehow. like poo buckets that are collected by some sort of poo garbage man or something. but i dont think we would be able to adapt very quickly. it would be utter insanity in as you said..5 minutes.
the poo is just one of such examples of the dependentness we have on the system. aint new. just gots me thinking.
thanks for the comment matty.